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Clarifying Christianity—Our Construction Plan

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When this site started on June 24, 1998, it was not much more than a single page with some links on it. We felt great when we completed all the “token” backup pages, so a visitor actually stayed at our site for one click before they were bounced back to the Internet. On that date, July 8, 1998, we announced that we completed “phase one.”

On November 7, 1998 (almost two months ahead of schedule), each section had been developed to the point that it had some depth and we announced that we had arrived at “phase two”—not completed but getting close.

By September 2000, we had more than 20,000 visitors and it became apparent that we needed to enter “phase three.” Therefore, we started our two-week move to www.ClarifyingChristianity.com on October 1. By Spring 2001, it became apparent that we moved just in time. Our daily traffic increased dramatically, and by September 1, 2001 (eleven months after we started our move), the number of visitors topped 86,000.

2 Cor 10:5There was one unfortunate result of this growth. Although with rare exceptions we were able to reply to everyone that wrote to us during our first three years, the number of questions became so numerous that we could no longer answer them all. Therefore, even though we love hearing from everyone (and continue responding to as many messages as we can), we now encourage everyone to use our Netscape Site Search or our Internet Explorer Site Search to locate specific information already written at Clarifying Christianity. This may also give you an extra bonus: through studying on your own (in our site and with your Bible), you may learn the material more thoroughly—something that we sincerely wish for everyone!

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