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Getting Started

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Imagine this site as a talk between us. Click on the question you would ask, and the answer we would give will come back to you. We chose this way of communicating since most of us start by questioning a nearby friend when we look for advice. The only problem with friends is that they may not know any more about the topic than we do. That is not the case with the information assembled at this site. In fact, the reason we started this site was to provide resources that allow you to teach yourself from the source and get the answers you are looking for. You do not have to rely on the philosophies or opinions of people. You will come to clearly understand this as you explore this site.

Start with the questions on the Home page. View these questions as your side of a conversation, and click on the questions that deal with your area of interest. Most issues regarding Christianity will be cleared up after reading the answers to these questions.

Second, try our Netscape Site Search or our Internet Explorer Site Search to look for a specific topic.

Next, look at our Frequently Asked Questions page. There we address specific (or difficult) questions.

Finally, try our Online Bible Study Tools. These are especially helpful if you are looking for topics that can be described by a single word, like “Jesus” or “angel.” We do recommend that people unfamiliar with Christianity review the main questions on the Home page first.

We understand that we may not have explained everything fully. If you still have questions contact us: address Now, should we get started?

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