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What Is A Really Good Church Teaching Like?

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Some of you may not know what a great church is like. Perhaps you have never heard a teaching in a church that is really interesting and practical, from a pastor that uses normal language. So, as an example, we have recordings of two actual Sunday services that will give you a good idea of what to expect in a great church. Not only that, they are subjects that anyone can learn a great deal from. Enjoy!

Note: Both require a sound card and speakers, a 28.8 modem (or faster), and RealPlayer. See the bottom of this page if you do not have RealOne Player (formerly RealPlayer).

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Making Marriage Work

Let me hear this teaching! Let me hear this teaching!

Why You Need To Know That The Clock Is Ticking

Let me hear this teaching! Let me hear this teaching!

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We also have a complete list of teachings available on audio cassette. You can view the list by clicking on this sentence.

Click here for a free copy of RealPlayer Go to the RealPlayer download

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