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Tucson Community Church Teaching List


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Welcome to our archives listing. The titles of many teachings will not give you a clear picture of the subject matter, but we list the scripture references, which should help. These teachings are available on CD and audiocassette. Each CD contains one teaching, 30 to 40 minutes long. Each tape typically contains two teachings, with the other teaching being either the one preceding it or the one following it on this list. If you see an interesting title or topic, you can purchase a copy directly from the church that produces them at the Tucson Community Church website. They also handle international orders.

Note: We have maintained this online archive for 7 years, and hope that it has been helpful to you. Now that the Tucson Community Church handles their orders online, we will not be adding new teachings in our archives after 2005.

1/2/2000 What You Can Base Your Life On In Y2K
Colossians 1:15-22
1/8-9/2000 How To Do The Right Thing Under Pressure—Part I
Daniel 1:1-16
1/15-16/2000 How To Do The Right Thing Under Pressure—Part II
Daniel 1:1-16
1/22-23/2000 How To Do The Right Thing Under Pressure—Part III
Daniel 1:1-16
1/29-30/2000 How To Do The Right Thing Under Pressure—Part IV
Daniel 1:1-16
2/5-6/2000 How To Be The Wisest Person Around
Daniel 1:17-21
2/12-13/2000 How To Give Someone Advice—Part I
Daniel 2:1-16
2/19-20/2000 How To Give Someone Advice—Part II
Daniel 2:17-30
2/26-27/2000 How To Give Someone Advice—Part III
Daniel 2:31-43
3/4-5/2000 How To Give Someone Advice—Part IV
Daniel 2:44-49
3/11-12/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part I
Daniel 3:1-7
3/18-19/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part II
Daniel 3:8-15
3/25-26/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part III
Daniel 3:16-18
4/1-2/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part IV
Daniel 3:19-23
4/8-9/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part V
Daniel 3:24-27
4/15-16/2000 How To Face The Fire When The Heat Is On—Part VI
Daniel 3:28-30
4/22-23/2000 How You Can Beat Death
Romans 6:2-8
4/29-30/2000 How To Know To Whom You Should Listen
Daniel 4:1-8
5/6-7/2000 Why Only God Gets To Be God
Daniel 4:9-18
5/13-14/2000 How To Give Someone Bad News
Daniel 4:19-27
5/20-21/2000 Why It’s So Important To Listen To God
Daniel 4:28-37
5/27-28/2000 How To Think About Death
1 Corinthians 15:55-58
6/3-4/2000 What Happens When People Take God On—Part I
Daniel 5:1-4
6/10-11/2000 What Happens When People Take God On—Part II
Daniel 5:5-16
6/17-18/2000 What Happens When People Take God On—Part III
Daniel 5:17-24
6/24-25/2000 What Happens When People Take God On—Part IV
Daniel 5:25-31
7/1-2/2000 Why You Need To Know That The Clock Is Ticking
Luke 13:22-30
7/8-9/2000 Why Excuses Don’t Excuse Us
Luke 14:15-24
7/15-16/2000 How To Deal With Difficult People
Matthew 5:43-48 and many others
7/22-23/2000 How to Stop Worrying About Making Ends Meet
Matthew 6:19-33
7/29-30/2000 Why You Need To Be The Right Tool
Ephesians 3:20,21
8/5-6/2000 Why We Have To Trust God To Succeed
Luke 5:1-11
8/12-13/2000 Why It’s Not Good Enough To Just Be Religious
Matthew 3:7-10
8/19-20/2000 How To Have Real Self-Esteem—Part I
1 John 4:10, Romans 5:8,10
8/26-27/2000 How To Have Real Self-esteem—Part II
1 John 4:10, Romans 5:8,10
9/2-3/2000 How To Be Content
Philippians 4:11-13
9/9-10/2000 Why You Gotta Play To Win
1 Corinthians 9:24-27
9/16-17/2000 Why You Have To Live It, Not Just Talk About It
Daniel 6:1-9
9/23-24/2000 Why It Doesn’t Pay To Compromise
Daniel 6:10-15
9/30-10/1/2000 How God Can Settle The Score
Daniel 6:16-28
10/7-8/2000 Why You Shouldn’t Gossip—Part I
Proverbs 26:17-22
10/14-15/2000 Why You Shouldn’t Gossip—Part II
Proverbs 26:17-22
10/21-22/2000 Why You Shouldn’t Lie
Ephesians 4:20-25
10/28-29/2000 Why You Shouldn’t Use Bad Language
Ephesians 4:29-31
11/04-05/2000 Why God Wants You To Care About Our Country
Romans 13:1-4
11/11-12/2000 Why You Shouldn’t Talk Dirty
Ephesians 5:3-6, 11, 12
11/18-19/2000 Why You Need To See The Difference
Matthew 7:13, 14, 24-27
11/25-26/2000 How God Helps Us In Impossible Situations
Acts 12:1-17
12/2-3/2000 Why Christians Are Attacked By “The Tolerant”
Acts 12:1-17
12/9-10/2000 Why Just Havin’ Stuff Doesn’t Make Us Happy
Luke 12:13-21
12/16-17/2000 Why It All Comes Down To This: “Who Is Jesus?”
Luke 9:18-20, 28-36
12/23-24/2000 Why God Loves Us This Much
John 1:14
12/30-31/2000 How God Can Turn the Bad into Good in Your Life
Romans 8:28
1/6-7/2001 How We Change Our World In 2001
Acts 8:26-40
1/13-14/2001 How to Get Going When the Going Gets Tough
Joshua 1:1-9
1/20-21/2001 How To Fix A Pretty Messed Up Life
Joshua 2:1-21
1/27-28/2001 Why You Need Your Own Pile Of Rocks
Joshua 4:1-7
2/3-4/2001 How To Knock Down Walls In Your Life
Joshua 6:1-16, 20, 21
2/10-11/2001 Nobody Will Ever Know—Part I
Joshua 7:1-26
2/17-18/2001 Nobody Will Ever Know—Part II
Joshua 7:1-26
2/24-25/2001 How to Avoid Unwise Choices—Part I
Joshua 9:3-6, 14-18
3/3-4/2001 How to Avoid Unwise Choices—Part II
Joshua 10:6,7
3/10-11/2001 How to Avoid Misunderstandings
Joshua 22
3/17-18/2001 Why You Need To Learn From The Past
Joshua 23:1-16
3/24-25/2001 Why You Eventually Have To Choose—Part I
Joshua 24:12-28
3/31-4/1/2001 Why You Eventually Have To Choose—Part II
Joshua 24:12-28
4/7-8/2001 Why You Need To Think Well Before Choosing
John 6:66-71
4/14-15/2001 How Normal People Can Be Heroes
2 Samuel 11:1-17
4/21-22/2001 Why God Has To Be “Passed” To Each Generation
Judges 2:6-10
4/28-29/2001 Where Our World Goes Without God
Judges 2:11-19
5/5-6/2001 Why God Should Be The Power Behind Your Life
Judges 7:2-22
5/12-13/2001 Why We Need To Show Kids The Right Way
Judges 13:1-5, 24; 14:1-4
5/19-20/2001 The Danger Of Pride
Judges 14:5-18
5/26-27/2001 Image Is Everything
Genesis 1:27
6/2-3/2001 The Danger Of Anger
Judges 14:9-15:15
6/9-10/2001 The Danger Of Bad Relationships—Part I
Judges 16:4-31
6/16-17/2001 Why You Need To Stand In The Gap
Ezekiel 22:23-31
6/23-24/2001 The Danger Of Bad Relationships—Part II
Judges 16:4-31
6/30-7/1/2001 Why Heroes Have To Understand Commitment
Ruth 1:1-22
7/7-8/2001 How God Takes Care Of His Own
Ruth 2:1-23
7/14-15/2001 Why We Should Do The Right Thing The Right Way
Ruth 3:1-18
7/21-22/2001 How God Uses Us To Help Other People
Acts 16:16-40
7/28-29/2001 What It Takes To Have A Great Relationship With God
Jeremiah 29:13
8/4-5/2001 How God Works Out The Details
Ruth 4:1-17
8/11-12/2001 How To Get Back Your First Love For God
Revelation 2:1-7
8/18-19/2001 How To Handle It When You Have To Suffer for God
Revelation 2:8-11
8/25-26/2001 Why We Must Always Fight Against False “Truth”
Revelation 2:12-17
9/1-2/2001 Why It’s Not OK To “Tolerate” Sin
Revelation 2:18-29
9/8-9/2001 Why We Can’t Fall Asleep on the Job
Revelation 3:1-6
9/15-16/2001 How God Uses Our Little Strength To Do Great Things
Revelation 3:7-13
9/22-23/2001 Why God Wants Us To Get In Or Get Out
Revelation 3:14-22
9/29-30/2001 How God Turns Up The Heat To Make Us Great
John 21:15-22
10/6-7/2001 How God Messes With Us When We Mess With Him
Jonah 1:1-7
10/13-14/2001 How To Fix Things With God If We Mess Up
Jonah 2:1-10
10/20-21/2001 How To Make A Difference With Your Life
Jonah 3:1-10
10/27-28/2001 How God Expects Us To Feel About People—Part I
Jonah 4:1-11
11/3-4/2001 How God Expects Us To Feel About People—Part II
John 4:4-42
11/10-11/2001 How To Connect With God
John 4:16-26
11/17-18/2001 How To Take God To The Marketplace
Acts 17:16-34
11/24-25/2001 How To Get Good at Being Thankful
John 9:1-41
12/1-2/2001 How To Deal With “Impossible” Situations
1 Samuel 17:32-37
12/8-9/2001 How To Get Your Life Out Of Neutral
Acts 3:1-10
12/15-16/2001 When It Comes To God, How To Pass Him On
Deuteronomy 6:4-9
12/22-23/2001 How To Handle An Awkward Situation
Philemon 1:4-22
12/29-30/2001 How To Fight For God
Jude 1:3,4
1/5-6/2002 How To Get “Pumped Up” For The New Year
Isaiah 40:27-31
1/12-13/2002 Was It God Or “Chance” In The Beginning?
Genesis 1:1-5
1/19-20/2002 The Basis For Human Relationships
Genesis 2:18-25
1/26-27/2002 How Everything Got Messed Up—Part I
Genesis 2:15-18, 3:1-5
2/2-3/2002 How Everything Got Messed Up—Part II
Genesis 3:1-19
2/9-10/2002 How Everything Got Messed Up—Part III
Genesis 3:1-19
2/16-17/2002 How To Avoid Mistakes In Relationships
Genesis 4:1-12
2/23-24/2002 How We Know There Was A Flood—Part I
Genesis 6:1-22
3/2-3/2002 How We Know There Was A Flood—Part II
Genesis 7:1-24
3/9-10/2002 How We Know There Was A Flood—Part III
Genesis 8:1-19
3/16-17/2002 How We Connect With God
Genesis 8:20-22
3/23-24/2002 What God Thinks About The Death Penalty
Genesis 9:1-13
3/30-31/2002 What If This Is All There Is?
1 Corinthians 15:1-58
4/6-7/2002 What God Thinks About Drinking
Genesis 9:20-29
4/13-14/2002 Why It’s So Dangerous To Try And Be God
Genesis 11:1-9
4/20-21/2002 Trusting God - How It Works / How It Doesn’t
Genesis 12:1-20
4/27-28/2002 How To Deal With A Difficult Situation
Genesis 13:1-18
5/4-5/2002 How To Put Up Your Dukes For God
Acts 13:4-12
5/11-12/2002 How To Be “Most Excellent” For God
Luke 1:26-38
5/18-19/2002 How To Mess Up God’s Good Plan For You
Genesis 15:1-6, 13-16; 16:1-7
5/25-26/2002 Why You Need To Learn To Trust God
Genesis 17:1-9, 15-21; 18:9-15
6/1-2/2002 Why It’s So Dangerous To Keep Sinning
Genesis 18:20 - 19:25
6/8-9/2002 How God Helps Us Deal With Difficult Situations
Genesis 21:1-21, 25, 26
6/15-16/2002 The Key To A Right Heart
John 9:1-41
6/22-23/2002 Why We Shouldn’t Put Anything Before God
Genesis 22:1-18
6/29-30/2002 How God Wants Us To Live In This World
Jeremiah 29:4-14
7/6-7/2002 How To Make Really Bad Decisions
Genesis 24
7/13-14/2002 How To Have Really Bad Relationships
Genesis 25:27-34; 27:1-10
7/20-21/2002 Why You Can’t Depend On Money
Luke 12:13-21
7/27-28/2002 Why Their Character Should Matter To You
Genesis 29-31
8/3-4/2002 How To Handle Conflict
Genesis 32:3-18
8/10-11/2002 Why Taking Our Own Revenge Is Wrong
Genesis 34:1-31
8/17-18/2002 Why We All Need To Grow Up
Genesis 37:2-35
8/24-25/2002 How To Work Through A Bad Situation
Genesis 39:1-23
8/31-9/1/2002 Why God Wants Us To Have A Good Work Ethic
1 Peter 2:18-25
9/7-8/2002 How To Help People With God’s Wisdom
Genesis 40:1-23
9/14-15/2002 How To Succeed With God’s Wisdom
Genesis 41:1-57
9/21-22/2002 Why We Need To Fix—Not Ignore—Problems—Part I
Genesis 42:1-38
9/28-29/2002 Why We Need To Fix—Not Ignore—Problems—Part II
Genesis 43:1-23
10/5-6/2002 Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Genesis 44:1-34; 45:1,2
10/12-13/2002 How To Turn A Bad Mistake On The Enemy
Genesis 45:1-28
10/19-20/2002 How To Deal With The World
Genesis 46:1-4, 28-34; 47:1-12
10/26-27/2002 How To Really Live Life, Not Just Pass Through
Genesis 47:27 - 49:32
11/2-3/2002 Why We Need To Take Our Responsibilities Seriously
Genesis 49:33 - 50:21
11/9-10/2002 When To Forgive—When Not To Forgive—Part I
Matthew 18:21-35
11/16-17/2002 When To Forgive—When Not To Forgive—Part II
Luke 17:1-10
11/23-24/2002 How Being Thankful Makes You Unique
Luke 17:11-19
11/30-12/1/02 How To Spot A False Teacher—Part I
Matthew 7:15-20
12/7-8/2002 How To Spot A False Teacher—Part II
Matthew 7:15-20
12/14-15/2002 How To Spot A False Teacher—Part III
Matthew 7:15-20
12/21-22/2002 How To Spot A False Teacher—Part IV
Matthew 7:21-23
12/28-29/2002 How Ordinary People Can Change The World
Matthew 4:18-20

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