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What Church Music Should Be Like

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Let's face it, some of the music offered in church is not that great. The lyrics and music are not what you normally listen to, performed by people of limited musical talent. Fortunately, many churches are getting better music. Here are the third and fourth albums written and produced by TCC, a church band in our area. Unless you have heard them before, the music is not at all what you would expect. Go ahead, check them out by clicking on the sample songs with the gold notes.

Play to Win

Includes the songs:

No More
Play to Win
Free n’ Clear
Come Back
Click me!What I Didn’t Say
Good Man Jam
Normal People Can Be Heroes
Go To The Future
Click me!Two Friends
Some Time With You
We are Here

From the cover notes:

Collecting trophies or achieving big goals in life is cool but there’s nothing more important than getting right with God and winning in the game of life. Truth is, when we decide to get our game-face on and make every day count for God, Satan will be right there blitzing every play and trying to block every shot. We all know that winning takes hard work, sweat and sacrifice. We shouldn’t be surprised that the same is true in life’s most crucial game. In order to get that high-five from our Father, we've got to play to win.

For such a time

Includes the songs:

Click me! The Power of My Storm
You Rescued Me
For Such a Time
God Reigns
One Life at a Time
The Plan I Have
Higher n’ Higher
Time for a Little Truth
Click me! Be Like You
The City
The Stone

From the cover notes:

At TCC we have a lot of fun writing, performing and recording our music, but the most important thing for us is what we get to say in our songs.

Choosing to do right has a powerful impact on our lives and also helps us reach the people around us who need to know God. So when life brings us to the crossroads of choosing between right and wrong, we need to stand for God and do the right thing.

We hope the words in these songs will help you do just that. We were born For such a time as this.

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Want to see more? Click here to go to our second music page.

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