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We make it easy to understand Christianity and the Bible, explain
the apparent contradictions, and reveal its relevance to today’s world.

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Click here to learn how to use our site effectively How do I get started?

Click here to find out how to really get to heaven Who gets to go to Heaven?

Click here to learn the real story about angels What about angels?

Click here to learn about finding an easy to read, accurate Bible How can I read or understand the Bible more easily?

Click here to learn how we know the Bible is completely accurate How do I know the Bible is true?

Click here to learn how the Bible is compatible with science Is the Bible compatible with modern science?

Click here to learn some amazing facts about dinosaurs How does the Bible explain dinosaurs?

Click here to get the real facts about creation and evolution Did the theory of evolution disprove the creation taught in the Bible?
and Transitional Fossil Species—What About Ape Men?

Click here to find a Bible in your first language Where can I go to find a Bible for someone who does not read English?

Click here to learn why someone would want to go to church Why would I want to go to church? and
What is a really good church teaching like?

Click here to learn if God really likes poor people better Does God want us to be poor?

Click here to learn about cults What is a cult?

Click here to see what hell is like What is hell and what is it like?

Click here to learn about baptism What is baptism? and How is it done? and What does one look like? (Video)

Click here to learn about the Trinity What is the Trinity?

Click here to learn what a personal relationship with God means What do people mean by “having a personal relationship with God?”

Click here to learn how to lose weight with a Bible A friend of mine told me about a way to lose weight by using the Bible. It sounded pretty strange to me. What were they talking about?

Click here to go to our music page Can church music actually be good?

Click here to see our Statement of Faith What is a “statement of faith?”

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